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Smart Chatbot for Ecommerce Industry: Use Cases & Examples

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How do I use ecommerce chatbot?

As an industry, eCommerce is the exact opposite of Real Estate. I am going to divide these examples to show you the different aspects of an eCommerce chatbot. ”, you ask an eCommerce chatbot as you urgently need one for your 6yo Frozen-obsessed daughter’s upcoming birthday. So there’s a program out there that can perform a business function more accurately and faster than humans? Lead qualifying questions can also look like ‘What brought you here? ’; business owners can understand the clients’ intentions and whether or not they are a good fit.

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Through Sephora’s Reservation Assistant, users can make appointments for in-store makeovers. For customers that prefer to keep the experience digital, Sephora’s Virtual Artist allows customers to get product recommendations, tips, and how-tos, as well as try on makeup virtually. According to Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, “You can’t wait for customers to come to you. Given the impressive array of potential applications, having an AI powered chatbot for ecommerce brings huge added value for both ecommerce companies and customers. Businesses globally are leveraging the consumer’s “buy-now” mindset to their marketing strategy and extensively adopting Chatbot technology to expand revenue channels. Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence backed conversational software programs that can simulate a human-like interaction with visitors.

Key Use Cases of Ecommerce Chatbot

Simply put, an ecommerce chatbot simplifies a customer’s buying journey with a brand by bringing back conversations into the digital world. Similarly, if the visitor has abandoned the cart, a chatbot on social media can be used to remind them of the products they left behind. The conversation can be used to either bring them back to the store to complete the purchase or understand why they abandoned the cart in the first place. Sephora’s chatbot on the bot platform Kik offers users makeup tips and makes product suggestions based on their personal quiz answers about their makeup usage.

Our chart compares leading ecommerce chatbot solutions, reviews and key features. Your customers will get a personalized experience if you give them a real-time shopping experience. AI chatbots are not like other rule-based chatbots that answer questions with a scripted response.

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Here are nine trusted reasons to start using a chatbot in your ecommerce business. Things that are cutting edge today will feel outdated in six months’ time. Fostering a long-lasting business plan for a company that exists in a digital space is not easy to do in this context.

Here’s how businesses are unleashing the power of chatbots for better sales and conversations – YourStory

Here’s how businesses are unleashing the power of chatbots for better sales and conversations.

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Once developed, conversational AI technology has been found to reduce as much as 30% of a brand’s customer service costs, according to VentureBeat. This can be particularly helpful in allowing your brand to consistently meet customer expectations as your company grows. Now, humanity faces an unprecedented revolution in automation, where these once fanciful aspirations have become increasingly commonplace. As you’re building, don’t lose sight of your brand messaging and voice.

And through a range of questions, the user can tell the bot exactly what type of product they’re looking for before being shown matching items. Chatfuel ecommerce chatbots took us behind-the-scenes to show us the results chatbots are delivering to companies. Gymshark uses a chatbot to handle post-sale support questions.

Salsify offers a wide selection of resources and tools to drive success at every stage of the digital shelf journey. Salsify for Retailers Empowering retailers to create engaging, high-quality shopping experiences ecommerce chatbots for the digital shelf. Salsify Enhanced Content Enrich and optimize product pages to create engaging shopping experiences. Conversational marketing makes it possible for customers to express what they’re feeling.

Chatbots are also used frequently during the holiday shopping season, helping shoppers find the perfect gift for everyone on their list based on price range, interests and other attributes. And the good thing is that ecommerce chatbots can be implemented across all the popular digital touchpoints consumers make use of today. 57% of businesses have experienced chatbots delivering a conversational experience to buyers, leading to higher ROI with minimal effort. 74% of consumers say they make use of chatbots to research or buy products and services from a business.

Gorgias is a tool built for B2C ecommerce companies that require strong support capabilities to prospects and customers. Pandorabots is an open-source website allowing people to build and publish chatbots on the web. Haptik is an enterprise level bot platform that started in India in 2013. They have built bots for ecommerce, telecom, banking, financial services and insurance. Most shoppers won’t scroll past the first page of search results, and even fewer will scroll to the bottom of the first page. Check out Salsify’s step-by-step guide to learn how to build an effective ecommerce SEO strategy that keeps your products relevant.

The bot helps you find yourself in a wide range of assortment. One of the main business achievements of the Sephora chatbot is a huge increase in teens’ engagement, which created a truly unique experience. Consumers today want quick, seamless, and frictionless experiences and chatbots are yet another channel to facilitate these needs and meet their demands. Even if you have a stellar customer service team, they need to sleep! Most brands can’t afford to have instant, live-chat support from human reps 24/7.

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You can integrate your messenger app with a loyalty card chatbot API. This loyalty card creates discount codes in a sequence that is unique to each user. Chatbots can also share limited-time offers and send notifications when the deals are about to expire. This ultimately helps in building brand loyalty and boosting sales. One of the successful eCommerce Chatbot examples like Ochatbot supports online businesses as LeadBots, support chatbots, and eCommerce chatbots. Online business owners can create a bot persona to engage their users and enhance customer satisfaction on the website.

Chatbots reduce support costs by automating low-level queries. For all the optimisation you do at every step of the sales funnel, companies still lose a lot of customers at the last step. These are customers who’ve shown intent and the ability to buy, but simply back out at the last moment. Once they’ve texted you, you can even send them offers, discounts, and new product offerings. Reduce support ticket volumes and improve CSAT/NPS by keeping your customers updated about the status of their package.

  • 40% of U.S. teens use Kik, so it especially makes sense to launch your bot on their app if teens are a key buyer group.
  • And you can track the progress of all the conversations on the backend.
  • For instance, retail giant H&M’s chatbot asks customers some questions about their style and offers products accordingly.
  • With increasing user demand, it has become essential to maintain the uninterrupted flow of services around the clock.